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You can have the money, wheel it, deel it, win it all
You can have a lot of fashion, you can even own the mall
You can change your face into the person of your dreams
Trim your nose and dye your hair and change your eyes from blue to green
You can be a model cover every magazine
You can walk on every stage or be the host of M.T.V
You can win the medals, run it, swim it, perfectly
You could have a turn at Indy, you could even own the team

We're never gonna see God if we keep looking for vogue
We could gain the whole world but still be losing our soul
We don't need it, cuz God has given us our needs
We don't want it, shouldn't he be our priority
We don't need it, Jesus said to leave it all behind
Let's keep our eyes on things above
Cuz we don't need to want to need it

You can get a job on Wall Street have more money than you've seen
You can buy administrations and you can even own the queen
You can own a castle oily paintings on the wall
Build a suite for every pleasure, have a disco host a ball
Drive a lamburguini, fast as time and painted red
Leather phone and matching fax and color T.V.s overhead
Take your yacht to Rio, fly your jet up to Cancun
Screamin' down the highway like a rocket to the moon

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