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I walk along this winding road
Too many voices tell me which way to go
Sometimes this heart gets so confused
I need you Lord to show me
Which path to choose
And I'm longing for that place way up high
Where God's air is sweet and I touch the sky

Way up here I can see the far horizon
All the world before my eyes is clear to see
Way up here where my Father always meets me
On this mountain where he heals me I can rest
Way up here

Rising above this life we know
Leaving the streams of sorrow far down below
I feel the touch of God's loving hand
Restoring me in ways I can't understand
If I fall away his love reaches me
And he brings me back
To the edge of my dreams

No matter where we travel, no need to fear the shadows
My God is there
His light is there to follow
Back to the quiet waters
I know he cares

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