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The Legacy of Eternal Wrath - text


From their hellish thrones
The most ancient ones
Laugh with sardonic wrath
While thy empire is rising up on the earth
The Hell's flames burn fierce - desolation
To purify the damned souls of god's creation...

Burn! This is my legacy of eternal wrath! Burn!

We offer our flesh, blood and steel
To spawn the infernal suffering by this land
We rode thru violent storms
Beside those who rule the earth
Our cruelty will never be forgotten...

Satan is rising once more to proclaim:
"- Death to the weakling, wealth to the strong!"
To the east and the west, to anywhere I beckon
"- Death to the weakling, wealth to the strong!"
Blessed are the victorious, for they shall remain
Satan is rising once more to proclaim!

Consuming on fire the god's lamb
The laws of eternal havoc we evoke
Hell's flames burn fierce to purify
Darkness and blood flow from skies

I'm my own redeemer!

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