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Steel Siege - text


Legions of assassins unmerciful march
Underworld can't wait anymore
Rising the darkest mist
Towards the victory of the beasts
Time to kill and celebrate their desperation
Crowning all the gods of the abomination
I am the one who'll crush
I am the one who'll Lead
I am the darkest men's creation

Civilization falls into ruin
Infernal races are coming to dominate
Spoiling the innocence spreading despair
Restless attack despotic domain
You break your vow in suicide
I despise your insignificant life
My army is here the steel siege
Stealing souls for the dark side

The steel siege is thy destiny
Ripping mind and souls in blasphemy
Impotent nations against wy will
Stillborn bequest of humanity

Swallowed Swallowed by thy fears
Men's weakness is my strength
I laugh in the face of thy lord, thy Nazarene
Scornful laugh my most pleasant chasms
Thundergod proclaims genocide
Steel siege the final war

Text přidal DevilDan

Video přidal DevilDan

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