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Affronting the Gods - text


Inflamed with darkness, I dare to face the ones
I dare to face the plague, refusing the false lords
Melting their symbols, I let their wings burn
Rise my phalanx, this dead soil is now yours

Hellfire unfolds before us, it's time to praise disgrace
For all god's creation, my maelstrom of wrath is unchained

Death plays the requiem of genocide
Embracing the herd, weak servants of the light

Oppressing the oppressor, my unholy will is free
The wild is calling to start the savagery
Denial of rules, denial of order
Reject submission, nihilist for eternity

Anarchy unbounded, I bow to none
Let be the impure, heretic anthem
The hell's decrees, the fallen manifest
Destroying their shrines, the flag of war is raised

Affronting the gods, I am rebellion
I infect their Edens, I'm wrath from below
Affronting the gods, the primal awakening
Defying the plague, at war for victory

The primal awakening

Slay the rulers, messiahs, all kinds of lords
Slay the gods, behead them all, the bleeding must go on
Erase their words, they belong to oblivion
Reign forever in the void of existence

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