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Through the Now - text


Chase away through the now.
From once upon, into the beyond.
Betray the lines that kindle destiny.
Among arteries coursing with adversity.

Don't look back - don't look down.
Just move on - through the now.

How long until we arrive.
Reach out to me, swim with the tide: it's destiny.
Into the beyond and through the now.
Falling into the clouds.
Why are we so scared to look down?
Finding our way into beyond and through the now.

There's a map that leads to a headstone.
You fill in the lines as you go along.
Depths to fathom, heights to climb.
Scared to look down, falling through the clouds.
"X" upon the horizon.
How many paces until we arrive?
How many heartbeats in a lifetime reach the shoreline?
Swim with the tide.

On this journey through the now.
Don't be scared to look down.
There's a time and a place to wear a smile upon your face.

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