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The Thirteenth Hour - text


A million miles away from nowhere.
Can you feel the danger on the wind?
Are you free, or are you lonely?
Nothing here is certain so channel that devotion.
'Cause you've begun something in me.

It's not unlucky: are you there are you happy?
Can you feel the rush? Is it ever enough?
It's extraordinary: are you free are you happy?
This is thirteen.
The space between.

In the space between us can you feel the rush?
If you believe your will is stronger, that's enough.
In the thirteenth hour, that's when the lights go out.
Looking back in hindsight there can be no doubt.

So cold under my skin, see the kaleidoscope within me.
Kiss the rain: I cannot heal your pain.
The colurs of the rainbow show us to the place we must go.
There's no limit here to anything.

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