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Take a look beyond all you think yo know
Open your heart and your mind
If irreversible dice are thrown then
where is the end of the line?
Could it be the end?
Will we all transcend this metafictional moment?
Let it all explode, watch the spiral flow
In your own simulation

Reach for the stars let it shine
We'll make it real: for all eternity you'll be mine
IN matter or mind, repeat and rewind
Living inside us forever more
For one last time
If life's equation is set in stone
Then why do we dream of a change?
We dare to love and we love to hope
Seek out the new and the strange

Take a chance tonight on a cosmic ride
In a single moment you'll see it all
On the edge of time
Never satisified, the pedulum swings

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Video přidal DevilDan

Adventures in Neverland

The Reasoning texty

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