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The Nobody Effect - text


We'll wite as the pages are turning so fast, time still passing.
Soon we'll be making a journey from out of the shadows.
That's taking us straight into the light.
Another day dawns and a new moon will rise.
No stopping us now while the rain keeps on falling.
This new blood it gives us the will to survive.
Behind those enemy lines.

Can you hear me?
Look back over your shoulder, Im waiting.
Don't you see me?
This dream will never be over, we'll keep it alive.

Eyes are wide open, no cross for a kiss.
The courage to take on the future (no regrets) still smiling.
Faith, fortune or fight.
We can put it to rights.
Into relaity, find my identitiy.
Take all the pieces apart.
I'll be your enemy, love me or laugh at me.
I feel your fear of the dark.

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