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Script-Switch Trigger - text


So you wake from your nightmare.
Can't quite remember what you believe you were running from.
Yes: we're all only human with fears and delusions.
We all need a dream to keep fighting for.

Stare back at your reflection.
Nothing unexpected, still there is something so out of place.
We all have a weakness: it's part of the sequence.
Just something we can't erase.
Anasthesia of the heart, the whole world falls apart.
Take it back to the start.
Think carefully: is this who you want to be?
There are questions, so many questions.

Wild is this ride (I'll take you anywhere).
Dark are these nights (stay with me).

Break that last taboo before it shatters you.
You can make it all possible.
Feel this energy, you can rely on me.
I'm your script-switch trigger.

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