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Diamonds and Leather - text


Aim high, take as you find it
Keep that motor running over and over and over
Stand up, say as you see it
Take it and leave, 'cause now you're on your way
This is a fail-safe situation
Automatic (put your foot right to the floor)
Diamonds and leather, now and forever
Something tells me we'll be wanting more

No more reflection, here we go now moving faster
A new horizon coming right up ahead
Only a fool will say he's better safe than sorry
Take it or leave it 'cause the sky's turning red

Push it right up to the limit
Get it any way you like it, any way at all
Nothing too complicated
Don't tell me this is just another day

Give in to your temptation
Lay your cards out on the table
Method of madness, we couldn't care less
We wont' be giving up that easily

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