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The winter's leaves they fall upon the ground,
showing the gray light of the day (awakening)
The view from where I stand begins to change
Something is happening to me

And as the wind blows around me,
her voice calls out to me

Awoke from a dream one cold winter's day
I saw you there alone
We stood on a hill
The wind weaved through our hair
Came here to take me home

Flakes of snow are cast in symmetry
They say no two are the same (awakening)
Your breath is warm upon my smiling face
No longer a stranger to the truth

And as the wind blows around me,
her embrace protects me

Time keeps passing, people keep moving
The rain keeps falling, sun keeps shining
Permanent flux, continual motion
Rivers keep running into the ocean

And as the wind blows around us,
we leave the world behind

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