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Adventures in Neverland - text


Wasting the day playing games and you wonder
Open your heart: cry me a river of tears
Finding a home in your city of bones won't be easy
Steel flowers, precious hours
Come with me

We're on our way to Neverland
I'll take your hand, turn our live inside out
All our adventures in Neverland
Let you walk in my world on borrowed time
Just a breath away

Earthbound and jaded, torn out and wasted
Draw down the moon
A magical place we could go and you're holding the key
Keep it inside 'caus the wolf that you cried will be waiting
Shoot out the lights: maybe tonight it's for real

Palms to heaven
And to the glass cathedral we will go
Brutal beauty, just a breath away

Come with me turn out the lights
Maybe this is real tonight
We have nothing more than borrowed time

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Adventures in Neverland

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