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You take one step out a big black cadillac,
A bowler hat, and a pinstripe pair of slacks
He's got a cane but he's got no limp,
He does it for the image, oh it's for the image.

"Knife" is what they call him back home,
He's got a reputation, what he condones,
A practice common men consider quite unethical,
But I see it as questionable, I see a similarity, oh.

She came running down old stairs, no sounds.
Just breathing, and heirloom dependency.
She said "Where have you gone? I've grown from you, shone from you",
Stockpiled the thoughts and the memories, and what it means to me.

You've been talking that all night.
Everybody sing along and scream out.
La da da, tonight he'll be found out,
La da da, tonight we'll shine a light and find your motivation,
And everyone of your friends who's involved.

If you knew word of this you're guilty by association.
Ironic thing is that you can't do much unless you know law/love,
And it's crazy to believe in this.

Darling, I hate to apologize,
You know it's how we do it midwest style.
10 steps and stay awake, 5 steps, so far away.
The sound and the silence, a music box and melodies.

So calm the West side down,
Calm the ocean and the underground.
I'm a jack inside a box and know you've got me,
You wound me up and let me out and then you shot me down.

To the leg or to the face, you know it doesn't matter.
Tonight we'll be found out,
Tonight they'll shine a light and find our motivation,
And every one of our friends who's involved.

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