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Requiem In A Key I Don’t Know - text

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You weren’t lost in a dream
Progressive education and fantasy
Driving from that shore to this shore
You weren’t lost till you lost you’re pants
Taking a final in Anthropologie
Smoking a canned blunt
Pounding a Forty
Hold your hair back Miladys and dry heave
How do you do when alive?
The other’s an option that doesn’t deliver
It’s not like you can watch them cry
Over granite headstones
Cremation down the river
No the skies are falling
Throw your face over a toilet
Give us your tattooed smile and dry heave
I could never give you good advice.
Well what do I know about death and dying?
You can travel to Oprah’s Chicago
but the broad is gonna make all your problems worse
She’ll take your problems and make ‘em hers
Make a production
Give us emotion
Put up your jazz hands
Jane your jazz
Put up your jazz hands
Oh you know the skies are falling
Oh you know the skies are falling
Jane you know the skies are falling
Chicken little says skies are falling
Yeah you know the skies…

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Teenage and Torture

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