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Don't want your money my lost marauder
Don't want your make believe
She's drunk on a soapbox making big speeches again
Ding dong ex-boyfriends
Ding dong ex-girls
Bore me to sh*t you see
Oh ah they were no friend to me
Oh ah... ah
Stood still when he pulled both her legs off
Breathed him deep when he told her to go take a walk
Blew steam when impaled by his city sun
She climbed up some buildings
Pissed on a mountain
Stuck a flag on top
Oh ah... all in Prospect Park
Dream pipes were bursting colorful vomit
On a block of sidewalk
Her body broken into paragraphs
Oh ah... she's gonna be filthy and free
Oh ah...
My girl I'm gonna conquer some countries
And concoct some magical potions and
Convert some people to my thought so
Crown me your Dickhead Queen,
Club my bumpy head and I promise you
When I see stars
Oh ah... I'll wear the face of an astronaut
Cause you can ruin her but you can't ruin me
You can ruin her but you can't ruin me.

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A Fish Hook an Open Eye

Shilpa Ray texty

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