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Nothing but a Shade - text

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I'm walkin' in
To a city with
With a million faces
I'm looking for an answer
In a chinese box lost inside my mind.
It's me
But the part
That you can only see
Is the part that i'm fighting for. Why?
‘cause it keeps me away from the lies.
I, i am nothing but a shade
I'm walkin' in
To a city with
With a million faces
How many feelings hide in here
Behind are only mindsets for all?
It's me
And my best, my best talent is
To be well-manipulated,
By the people that I call my friends.
I am nothing but a shade
And my body is my cage
I am nothing but…
I don't know
Exactly how this world works.
People can
Smile even though they're sad inside,
And some even smile as
They're stabbing you in the back.
Ohohoh ohohoh
They love again

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