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I just wanted to use you,
Make you my lifesaver, reduced as I am now,
My dignity hung up.
(I) love your gaze so straight ahead,
Toward the horizon
Of your future.
The way you grabbed my soul,
My gashes hurt less and dust was blown away.
Your nerves on constant alert
Taught me that, if you want to be yourself you have to fight.
You found your turning point
In a photograph.
On this amazing path, I saw mine.
And so it happened: you deceived me.
I should logically hate you or weep and struggle as
I did when kids would make a mock of me.
Like a cat I should scratch but I'm inert.
Shhh, shhh, shhh, shhh
I'll go, if you want,
Or maybe I'll be waiting until
You trust in me.
How could I? I
Wonder… how could I?
But your motivation is
So firm and your strength so superior
That you're going to use me now.
I'm still here just to say... "goodnight".

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