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For You Ill Die - text


You said I'm yours to keep
With your voice so deep
You were just talking in your sleep

I'll do what you'll crave
My life for you I'll waive
All I get is a spot next to your grave

And you're a fool to not see
I'm not hanging here to keep you company

But what am I supposed to do
When all hope is gone?
How am I supposed to leave you
When you're the only one?
I made a deal with Mr.hades
My soul he wants to buy
For you I'll die

Oh this is the end
My only friend the end
are words from our favorite band
I know we're not astray
My love won't decay
Are thing that you'll never say

It is strange how time flies
It's been a year that's gone by
And you don't know the color of my eyes

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