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Hunters Kiss - text

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It's a sad story about a deer (dear?) and a man
A romantic scene from a lullaby.
In a clearing green, where his eyes met mine.
I was frozen motion. Oh! His bow was raised.
Then the fleeting notion-that my life he'd save.
But I saw it coming, flying through the air.
Feathered backside humming. Miss me, hit me where
Where it will only hurt me, not a mortal wound.
Leave me lying dirty, someone would find me soon.
I have never been like this before.
Felt my body sinking to the grassy floor
I have never known a love like this.
Felt the flaming arrows of the Hunter's Kiss.
My life is not mine.
Like a dog or a wife.
He has taken his time.
He has taken my life.
I could see the steaming of his cloudy breath.
No, I was not dreaming.
I was next to death.
As I lay there twitching, then my legs he tied.
There was nothing missing on the day I died.

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