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I want a diamond
I really do
I think that you
Should give me one
Then you can prove
Your love is true
And that the gift giving
Has just begun
I want that diamond
I want that thing
A tennis bra-
Celet or ring
It better shine
It better cut
I know it is expensive but
What other way
Can you make four months
Of your measly salary
Last a lifetime?
And what other thing
Have i ever axed you for?
The ability to read my mind
And i didn't get that either
I want that diamond
I want it so
All of my irratating friends will know
That i have worth
Not only that
But that you love me even though i'm fat
I want it and i want it now.
I'll say it once i don't care how
You get it you can rob a store
There just is nothing i want more
Than diamond jewelry for me
And i'll talk louder so you'll see
How very much this means to me
Even some little stud earrings
Gimme the goddamn diamond

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