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Silly girl
Don't throw this love away
Silly girl
Don't let it die and fade
It's not a toy
You're throwing aside
Bound to destroy me

Maybe I'm trying too hard to win your love
And maybe it isn't there
Maybe it's just a crazy feeling that I couldn't control
'Cause it wouldn't be fair

Silly girl
Can't turn me off this way
Listen, silly girl
Leading my heart astray
It isn't fair
I find despair
You go on carefree

Maybe it's not my time to find a girl
And maybe I shouldn't look
Possibly there's no reason to

Maybe I shouldn't try to understand
And maybe I needn't care
What if I let it go on freely
Keep repeating, you're not deceiving me

Silly girl
There's nothing more to say
Listen, silly girl
You'll go on anyway
If you're concerned
There I will be
You can return
Back to me
Won't I ever learn?

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