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I'm Blue - text


I'm blue, so blue, and I just don't know what I should do
Yes I'm blue, it's true, that might sound sad, but it's so true
Sometimes my life gets me so down
You know it's even got me thinkin' that I don't want to be around
That's why I'm blue, boo hoo I'm blue

I'm blue, what can I do? It keeps me asking myself what's the use
Well I'm blue, stone blue, sometimes it's so hard but you know you must get through
Seems the sun's goin' down and it's getting pretty late
There ain't nothing left for me, all I could do is wait
Till it's all been through, boo hoo I'm blue

You know you don't see nothing no no, you don't want to see
So I guess my good eyesight's been the trouble with me
But it's true, it's sad but true, I'm so blue, no

There ain't nothing without trouble
All you gotta do is slip and fall just one time
Still I can't get used to spend my life through stumblin' down the line
I'm blue, and I just can't seem to get myself together
I'm blue and when you talk about stormy weather, it rains most every every every day

I'm blue, I'm stone blue and don't know what to do
I just can't seem to get myself up and out
I'm blue, I'm blue

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