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Baby I'm Blue - text


Baby, I'm blue
Baby, I'm blue
And lonely sometimes

You don't have to tell me, oh no
'Cause I feel the same way, too
Like the clock just ticks on, uh huh
Nobody cares what happens to you
But let me say that there's another way
For life to be a dream come true (and in the meantime)

Baby, I'm blue
Baby, I'm blue
Sometimes I get lonely, yeah

It was a lovely, a lovely story, uh huh
But now turn to chapter two
My heart is cold, it's cold and empty
Living in a world without you
And now I know that, win or lose
You only have yourself (nobody else) to turn to
And darling, darling, darling, I'm so blue

Baby, I'm blue
Baby, I'm (so) blue
Ah, oh

Never, never, never before did I feel so much to bear
But I'm gonna make it on through
Baby, I'm blue
Baby, I'm blue

You know, sometimes the way gets mighty rough
You got to keep on and keep on and keep on and, uh

Baby, I'm blue
Baby, I'm blue (keep on, keep on, don't you ever stop, no, no, no, no

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