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Scum Triumphant - text

Hey you!
Who me?
What's your contribution?
We mess around with music fusion
Night times the big break
You tell me its not what society needs
We're a band
Are you in demand?
Well no not quite but the CDs in our van
Would you like to listen?
Its just what society needs

Gotta see a CV to sell yourself
Tell me what you're worth
Can I judge you on your ucas points?
or your date or birth?
That's another thing you can't comprehend
Gotta like what monkey sees
Would you like to know our status?
and the honesty it brings


We're scum, scum triumphant
bottom of the pile and screwing him for getting up
take pride in who you are
When they spoke our patience had enough
We're scum
We're scum
We're scum
and we're screwing him for getting up
we've had enough

we're all laughing at jokes again
forget about the time
I've heard that too much tension
does damage to your spine
No its ordinary hassle
Can I just get through the day?
Its possible to mess around
and have some things to say

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