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Up on my Housetop: A Hello Neighbor Christmas.. - text


Up on my housetop, what’s that sound? Someone’s stomping all around!

Time for a lock-down! Traps are armed! Off my roof or you’ll be harmed!

Ho ho ho! Why, hello!

Oh, no, no! Don’t you go

Down through my chimney! Is that clear? You’re not welcome here!

Where are the stockings? Where’s the wreath? Please don’t hurt me! I’m no thief!

Where is the tinsel? Where’s the tree?

Stay the heck away from me!

Ho ho- OH! Easy, bro!

How ‘bout no? Time to go!

Find somewhere else to spread some cheer. You’re not welcome here!

Down in the basement, could there be milk and cookies and a tree?

Gather your presents, Get your sack, Take a hike and don’t come back!

Ho, ho, ho! What’s below?

Whoa, whoa, whoa! You can’t go

Down in my basement!

Hmm, I fear I’m not welcome here...

Where is he hiding? Where’d he go? He’s here somewhere, This I know!

I’ve got his crowbar, And his key! I’ve gotta go, He’s after me!

Ho, ho, ho! You’re too slow!

Oh, ho, ho! You would know…

Give me the gift sack-

Kiss my rear!

Please don’t take it- (What’s inside?) Stop! You’ll break it! (I don’t mind-)

You’re not welcome here!

Text přidal Cirax856

Video přidal Cirax856

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