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The Vaults of Fallout - text


Welcome to Vault Sixty-Eight, a place that could use a woman's touch. One lady plus a thousand men to play with, but it seems I may have played with them too much...

Please save me from Vault Forty-Three! A panther's been put here by mistake! It's wild and it's vicious, and thinks I smell delicious! Good thing Vault tech's unlikely to break-

So seal the door and stay inside 'Til hope's no more and all your dreams have died!

Yes, life in vaults is quite a curse, but Vault-Tec tells us all the fallout's surely worse!

Greetings, my Vault Dweller friends! I'm king and commander of this vault! You may say I'm just a lonely psycho, but if I kill you, it's all the puppet's fault...

I'm Gary from Vault One-Oh-Eight. That's Gary, also Gary. They're my clones. There used to be non-Garies, but things got a little hairy... Now I'm stuck here with these Garies all alone!

So seal the door and lock it tight! There's Ghouls galore and ghastly things that bite!

We're safe from all nuclear assault! So just surrender all your aspirations, and embrace exasperation with your newfound life inside a vault!

And the fallout's surely worse!

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Video přidal Cirax856

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