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Kepp Talking and Nobody Explodes: The Musical - text

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Walk me through the basics.
Give me everything you got.
Is it angular? Rectangular?
We only got one shot.
It’s a metal plated box
Sixty centimeters long-
Kid, the devil’s in the details,
So don’t get the details wrong.
There’s a timer in the center
And three buttons to the right
Labeled Echo, Bravo, Tango
With a tiny amber light-
If the Bravo’s in the middle,
And the Tango’s to the port,
Hold down Echo seven seconds
And then give me a report.
Something is wrong and the bomb’s still tickin…
Seems to me like the plot has thickened…
Mission control, I could use a code…
Well, just keep talking and no one will explode!
There are thirty-something digits
On the back-up power node.
Add them all to pi and multiply
By four to find your code.
If the power node is yellow,
Put the code in in reverse.
Once we’ve finally fried the override,
I’ll try to keep it terse.
Reach inside the side compartment,
Pull the lever, vent the vapor,
Then fill out the crossword puzzle
On page 5 of Sunday’s paper.
Once you finish, you’ll initiate
A reset protocol
In the form of a Sudoku puzzle
That you’ll need to solve.
Copy that, but the puzzle’s blocked
By a CAPTCHA code and it’s combo locked…
Sounds like we’re playing on Expert Mode…
So just keep talking and no one will explode!
There’s an image in the corner-
Cross your eyes and hold it near,
If you back away and focus,
Something 3D should appear-
It’s an alligator! (Try again.)
A… dolphin? (Come on, kid, focus!)
…Santa with a trombone?
…sure, we’ll go with that.
Now open up the lower tray
And take the Scrabble letters
Cause you’ll need to spell a word with them
That’s fifty points or better.
Once you have the panel open,
Do the Rubrik’s Cube inside.
Better move a little quicker
Or I’ll tell them all you died.
I’ve uncovered several wires
Colored purple, red, and yellow-
If the yellow’s in the middle,
Kill off Raph and Donatello,
But if two are slightly salmon,
Or the yellow’s kind of green,
Snip whichever wire’s higher
and the wires In between.

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