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This is my chance to do something super special! This is my chance to make something truly great! It's my time to shine, And all the world is mine! Can't wait to redesign and innovate!

This is my chance to create a brand new mascot! This is the face that will represent the brand! A star with class and heart, Who doesn't smell like farts- Or made of better parts than just a crate with hands...

Funds low... Bills due... Poor bank... Gotta break it.

Stained bib... P-U! Free trash, So I'll take it.

Big things are happenin' and I'm at Ground Zero! I've got a feeling change is on the wind! My destiny awaits me and I'm here at Ground Zero! A brand new story's startin' and I'm here at Ground Zero!

This is my chance to salvage something priceless! Maybe not this, but something semi-rare! This green monster thing's got all its wiring. It's just requiring a little less hair...

Just a few things to tidy up the office... Just a few bucks is all we really need... I'll run an ad or two to buy us something new, Why, slightly used will do- I'm sure it's guaranteed!

Don't talk! Don't move! What's with this dumb bunny?!

Room to improve, But that costs more money...

Dawn of a new horizon and I'm here at Ground Zero! The wheels are all in motion as we speak! Hist'ry's in the making! I've got nothing to fear! Oh, It's all a work in progress, but I'm here at Ground Zero!

One miniscule lawsuit... My income is gone. My dreams can't be so simply erased...

I'll sell things and salvage! No polish, no more games, no more space...)

This is the time to see what dreams are made of! This is the fight I can't afford to lose! Think outside the box! No need for safety locks! A bit unorthodox, but I ain't got no choice, so it's the choice I choose!

Late night... Soft chair... Change bulbs... Can't be lazy...

What's that? Who's there? Am I going crazy...?

Pause fan... Scan vent... How long is this taking?

Print -- done! Pay -- sent! Hands, why are you shaking?!

Fate is on the way to meet me here at Ground Zero! The stars are all aligning overhead! Something new is brewing for me here at Ground Zero! The future's at the threshold and I'm here at Ground Zero!

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