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PROF: Everything’s a puzzle, a myst’ry to me! The shape of this toast, or the taste of my tea!

Everything’s a riddle; a quand’ry to solve! I’ll best every test, No matter what they involve!

We’ve got to use every clue; till we deduce the final key! We’ve got to plan every move three steps ahead!

LUKE: I don’t think you can even do that…

PROF: We’ve got to search every inch, and do it mathematically! Till we solve every riddle, colossal or little, by fiddling with things methodically!

LUKE: Professor, I don’t see how this is a puzzle-

PROF: Now now, Luke! Hop to it! That’s what a gentleman does!

LUKE: (to the cat) Don’t get used to this.

PROF: Everything’s a puzzle! And all that I see awaits a solution from someone like me!

Quantify this mayonnaise! Finagle this cheese! Triangulate pant-size of this underwear please!

LUKE: Professor, that’s well and good, but really, have you lost your mind? There are no puzzles to solve beneath a skirt…

PROF: Quite astute of you!

We’ve got to crack every code, decipher every glyph we find! There’s no need for hints with both our brains combined!

LUKE: Professor-

PROF: Everything’s a puzzle! I’m sure you’ll agree that everything’s a puzzle to me!

Everything’s a puzzle to tinker and tweak! To dig in and dissect the source of mystique!

Every new enigma proves veritably that Everything’s a puz-zle to me!

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