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Kill A Celebrity - text


God will forgive me.
There is no turning back.
Oh sweet release...

Beauty is the god of our times
and celebrity is our most noble virtue
the opiate that keeps the zombies blind and in line
and hypnotized in worship of the pantheon of sex and

but now I've seen the light...
It's time to light the fuse.
Violence is better than the CULT OF SILENCE
in which the open-eyed hide into the abyss...
I refuse to suck at the tit of distraction,
and I refuse to worship the human face.

Oh, if I can do this noble thing
then I'll die laughing.

Kill a celebrity.
In the name of love.
Kill a celebrity.
And you will find that you can strike down a god.

Oh, if we can do this thing
then we can jump on the grave pile laughing.

Let's put a brand new price on fame,
and let's put a new price on your worshiped name,
and some acid in your beautiful face.

I'd love to detonate a car bomb at the doors of your
precious MTV
and put some sarin gas in the central A.C. at the
and watch those beautiful faces turn ashen gray

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Kill A Celebrity

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