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I Am Dirt - text


lay down, down in earth.
I am nothing, I am dirt

I went in way to deep.
There is no one left to hurt

I lay down in earth, I am all dirt

I will call, call your name
In dirt you're found, you're drowned in shame
You who throw the first stones
Be aware

Suddenly you face the ghost in your mirror,
looking with a sneer at your terrified mind.
Then your new protection's hypocritical and worthless
into the purgatory you will fall.

There's only a fragrance of innocence left here
In all of these needles we drive through our flesh.

I lay down, down in earth.
I am nothing..

I lay down in earth, I am all dirt

Rise, be promised a pact with your devil.
No turning back to your holy ground.
No longer you will have to fear the archangel.
Now you belong to me.

Trying to weave all and nothing together,
to capture a dream that keeps getting lost

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