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Enchanted - text


Obsessed by reason
Condemned by treason
In the fait of evil you now lie
Hand on the trigger
I'm no forgiver
So into purgatory you shall burn
Burn the last flame in my eyes
Enchant my verses
Solute my curses
You are the protagonist in my tale
so don't forget
This shall be our last kiss
Then into purgatory you shall burn
You shall burn
With the power to release our empathy
Our devil's getting closer and closer
Right until he reaches a point where you know
He's got something to offer
I see you loose the fight against stupidity
and you reach out yor hand
To recieve the terms of your life
Which is now longer up to you to decide.
As the possibilty of tribal
Releases through my fingers
Like the sand from the broken hourglass
Which always surrounds our reality
Sick and wounded
Through the gates of sanity
Only to find that the one
In the end of the hall
Getting closer are just a reflection
Of yourself
We're torn and twisted in our pale crib
filled with empty words
And as we're making death together
Life from poison pours
Dead from torture laid in earth
So bid me now farwell
Your storms of rage are winds of silence
I'm forever yours

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