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And Innocence - text


Beautiful body on the floor
You're so pure and I write
Little messages in blood
On your shining white skin
It's so nice to here
keep it quiet my dear
Forsaken enemy and friend
Cold as ice in the
End of your time
So lovely
Rest through your dawn
and let me be
Huge faceless human beings
Plans my future
Making the table turn
Against me
I reach my hanf to feel your breath
But it's no longer there
You're so peaceful as you stair
At someone you can't
See in the end
So lonely
This final dawn
Will let us be
Realize your prophesy
is just another way
to make your sense weaker
When you see the sickness
in the maiden's eyes
Time will make you
Fade away into the death of
Bury all the promises from
times of betrayal
Then you'll find peace
This lake of sorrow brings me peace
He wants to sink into its deep
And innocence

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