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Attention, form a line, can’t you hear the alarms of duty call?
Protection of our ways, our terrible immoral foe must fall

I break you down, make you kneel
The pressure of the world you feel
You’re given arms told to fight
Don’t try to see what’s wrong from right
You’re too small, I’m too great
In my hand I hold your fate,
Thou shall kill, thou shall burn,
through you my foes will learn, that
I am the lord, I’m the bloodgod

Illusion, grand deceit, thoughts are planted in your feeble mind
Intrusion of your life, disinformation makes you blind

I break you down, make you unreal
The pressure of the world you feel
You’re given lies told as truth
You don’t need to see the proof
I’m too great, you’re too small
To ask questions when towers fall
Thou shall not see, thou shall not hear
Thou shall only fear and fear,
‘cause I am the lord, I’m the bloodgod

Conclusion, selfsecurity, I am me, I rule my destiny
Envision, I see my path. Your dirty lies cannot reach within

I won’t be broken, I won’t kneel
No pressure breaks this spine of steel
I am armed, I will fight
I’m a one man murder squad full of spite
I’m too great, standing tall, I will stand to see you fall
Here I stalk among your slaves
Who are marching of towards their graves,
‘cause I won’t spill my blood for the bloodgod

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