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(1st verse)
If I lay low and let the day go it'll slow my payroll
Aye-yo I'm a terrorize charge and slay shows
Ra slay flows go as far as the Barbados
On the turntable sound like tornadoes
My style is performed like tropical storms
Your not to get on the whole spot will get torn
I keep the metropolitan hollering and bring the dollars in
Keep the models following wise as King Solomon
Come slow through the jungle like an animal
Invade any land I go like General Hannibal
From Long Island to Queens light up the New York scenes
All the way to New Orleans and everything in between
Left to go bless a show in Mexico
Next Thing I know it's extra cold I see Eskimo's
Time to rock get it hot soon as I get in there
Spit in they ear so flow they froze and I disappear
It's a must that I bust any mic that you hand to me
It's inherited it runs in the family
(2nd verse)
They said I was a head of my time or either here before
To see the idea clear it takes a year or more
Now times that by the years I reign straight-seven
No hear for four years still multiplied by eleven
The silence's a set back make em regret that
One way to get back is violence and wet cats
But hold your head black or I'll never rap again
Just when I thought I was out they pulled me back in
Now that was two years ago and if cats start interfering
Then I'm a go back to the gat and racketeering
My sabotage is camaflouge and espionage
You ain't havin Ra so don't test the god
I'm takin' all orders I can't afford extorters
I hit em in the head with a hundred dollars in quarters
So warn a friend tell em it's on again
If it's a freestyle bust in a park I want in
It's a must that I bust any mic that you hand to me
It's inherited it runs in the family
(3rd verse)
I managed to get paid for a decade now add three years on to that
Perform with a knack yes I was born to rap
The mic Lebanon Teflon don is back
I strike with better bombs and armed to attack
So reload the van go ahead let em in
Every tours a war and I'm on the road again
Suprise a town the place it's live and loud
We vibin' now I go wild and dive in the crowd
Never hit the ground they catch me and carry me around
Then put me right back on stage to shut it down
From New York to Cali, Japan and I-tali
I'm known as the microphone Muhammad Ali
I'm worldwide my brothers be biggin' me up
Keep the girls occupied lovin' diggin' me what
Ain't around when I come to town they mad glad
Like Saddaam they even say I'm the bomb in Baghdad
It's a must that I bust any mic that you hand to me
It's inherited it runs in the family

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