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Unintended Consequence of Love - text


Look like we've been buttin' heads again, baby
Lately seems like all we ever do.
Can't remember when things got so crazy,
All I know's I don't know what to do...

I guess we oughta stop and think it over.
Decide if what we want there's enough of.
It's tearing us apart, it cuts right to the heart
It's an unintended consequence of love.

Remember how we fell into each other, baby
Was all we could do to get up out of bed
You used to say nobody loved you better
I used to hang on every word you said.

What happened to those brave and tender lovers?
How could we break the mighty promise of?
I guess time wore us down, expectations run aground,
It's an unintended consequence of love

No baby, I'm the one that's takin' chances.
I know we've got a love worth fighting for.
Let's drop the petty games and pick up dancin'
Get back to where we're wanting nothing more

I'm calling on you, baby, now or never
Let's dig in deep and get out of this rut
We'll get back to what brought us both together, baby
and find a way to resurrect out strut

Cause baby, you're my brave and tender lover
I know we'll find the mighty promise of
So come on, baby, back
We'll get this love on track
You're my one intended consequence of love

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