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Stop and listen.
Standing on top of this beautiful world
watching the clouds rearrange,
but I'm not the least entertained.
I want to complain about climate change.
It might not be of your concern.
Finish your bottle of water
and return to the beach in order for the sun
to burn a little more.
You will never learn.
When you play with your kids on the grass in box of glass.
Connecting the dots from the past
and the shadow it casts, called greenhouse gas.
Stop and listen.
It takes impressive wisdom,
corporatism in order to stand up straight,
by living in symbiosis with this ecosystem.

Dinnertime with wine, pantomime,
nobody wants to discuss
and underline any signs of environmental crimes.
Keep playing angry birds on your iPhone.
Keep filling your breasts with silicone.
Keep building muscles with testosterone.
Stay away from all the unknown.
Keep moving around in your comfort zone.
Keep filling your head with shit 'til it blows.
Keep cutting up wounds that can't be resewn.
Keep cutting down trees
that took thousands of years to grow.
Keep ignoring the next cyclone.
Keep on postponing.
Keep on going until you're all alone.

We take another bank loan to buy new homes
where we can sit and moan
and consume pain relieving methadone.
Relaxing on the porch, the passing of the torch.
Take a last breath, you just found death.

It's a new day, another game.
This is how we play when we betray man and earth.
A bad combination.
People are asleep. Maximum sedation.

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