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I feel so great just on this
Cover'cause there are so many
Things to discover let my
Feelings be a part of this thing
You've just been no it's my
Turn to be the king this feeling
I have is outrageous I never
Knew that it could be
Dangerous I'm happy for
Once can you please let it
Stay and if it isn't for real then
Let me play

To be positive and
Open minded it isn't easy I
Know I can't be something I'm
Not I just have to break free
From the start I'm walking on
A level higher than you are
I'm stepping on the line but I
Will never go to far and if I fall
Directly when you are around
I will land with pride and both
Feets on the ground this time
Is different from others this
Time I'm going with my
Brothers try the champ not
Today anyway he will just give
You a raised fist up your face
Break free from the start

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