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This is a story about a transport I saw
It comes in different shapes it drags me with it's claw
I couldn't believe how attracted I got to it
I did what he told me to do to it...
It pulls me back and forth from left to right
I takes me deep, so deep, drags me down now
It pulls me back and forth from darkness to light
I take a leap, a step, to another direction
By the wall there was nothing to see
But suddenly he is there with a pale face and red hair
The blindfold comes closer with death in his hands
Now I am Scared for the evil clown
I want to get out, I want to get free,
I want to get out of this horrible sea
But I'm in the stream which
I will float in to the end of my dreams
I'm standing with water to my knees,
can see people floating faster then me
Now I ain't scared, 'cause someone is holding me back
Why are you so cruel, so very cruel
A chariot was coming on it's own
I had to follow It, I had to get on
Before it's gone
It pulls me back and forth from left to right
It's going fast, so fast, it drags me down now
It had me in control but I had to fight
So I took a step off the chariot
Leave me, just let me be
Why do I want you
Leave me, just let me be

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