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I won't be neglected
I won't be denied
The pleasures of your kisses
The pleasures of you're smile
Foreign girl, dark blue planet
Anything she wants to get
She's gotta have it
Intelligent, but hard to manage
War is her, heart drew bandits
Many niggas wanted what was mine to have and
Heaven sent, but probably damaged now
Egyptian girl
You came inside my life
And made a different world
That's what you did
Egyptian girl
Your friends keep telling me
You're just a distant blur
What you hiding from me baby
What you hiding?
Is this forever?
Or is it never?
Is this forever?
Cause I can do better
Better, better
I can do better
Better, better
How the fuck we feel so different?
Distance between us both
Makes me wanna go back to
When we were closer
Left me alone outside in the cold
Fuck it, take me home
I see you changing, I feel you gazing
Eyes of an angel, lie to me baby
Tell me you ain't all bad, love don't hurt
And you all mine baby
I don't wanna think about the shit
That you did or you gon' do
We can be friends if you want to
Cause all this shit that we're going through
Is crazy, I don't think you know love anyway
Told you I'd show love any day
Shit you took advantage of
Tried to tell you not to take it all for granted love
I don't think you're gonna understand it love
I took a chance at love
Tried to handle love
Young nigga couldn't handle it
Thought I'd get a little taste
You know, sample it
You took the little heart of mine
And you damaged it
I'm going crazy, I can't manage it
My niggas tell me I should be a man n shit
Instead of getting treated like a fan n shit
What you really need to do is understand this shit
But you don't hear me though
You a big girl
Do your own shit, in your own way
And that's okay
You ain't treating me like this
No way, just go away
There you go leaving me lonely
Left all alone in the cold
With my heart on the floor
And my bags in the doorway
One thing I've got to know babe
Is this forever?
Or is it never?
Is this forever?
Cause I can do better
Better, better
I can do better
Better, better

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