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Rites of Geburah - text


Tomorrow, yesterday-through all times past
If was the dawn of magic - forever it will last.
The sorcerer the magus, and rite priest
- About them flames the pentagram
The fire of the old
All the summon power
Through rituals they've been told.
In solitude where no man tread
They praise the Tree of Life...and the dead.
Flesh behind - astral mind
Now on flight towards
The fifth great branch of GEBURAH
Strengthened by the light
Of the celestial warrior
The five wings spread wide - outshining the sun.
The Ritual of the Pentagram has begun!

Endless perfection of Sumerian age
Geometrical gate of the Ancient Ones
Water and earth, lire and air
All culminate - in omnipotent Spirit.

Sun worship, grounding the power
Tip pointing high
Two feet on ground
Symbol of fertility
Number of divinity

Turn the tip down
Hear darkness sound - the coming of witches
The Goatlord grins
His facial form - burnt into the flesh of virgins.

Free Man of Cosmos
Spread your arms and legs
Step naked into the Pentagram
Become one with it - with All
Obtain mastery of Fate's call!

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