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Misty veil
Night's falling
On dirty streets

A shadow
One whisper
Nothing to see

There is a pair of glowing eyes, a gruesome call


Just one breath
He demands tribute

Without home
An abased one
In restless pain

The grief feels like they'd cut a piece out of his heart


Whooo - Streetwolf's got you
Whooo - Streetwolf's got you

Look in the mirror, a river of blood - your race is almost run
He's in your back, even there on each side, in front of another one
He grabs you at your throat, his jaws will cut you into bits
It's just what he always did, the hunter made his hits

Howling and hunting, a raging revenge - substitutes can't satisfy
The loss of what's too precious to forget has blurred his eye
Soon the day will come when they will stand up like a storm
The pain will be too much to bear, their hearts, they must be torn

Whooo - Streetwolf's got you
Whooo - Streetwolf's got you

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Video přidala SchwarzRosen

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