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Last Goodbye - text


They say we'll have war
For peace it shall be too late
I'm a good fighter and I'm
Not a friend of debates
I'm leaving, I'm leaving you

Little girl in the west
Your daddy's in the east
Mother's tears made pictures wet
Turning sleepless in her bed.
He's leaving, he's leaving now

It's too late
Too late to turn around, your last goodbye

Fighting the aggressor back
Right is on your side
Little girl in the cast
The system filled her head with lies
Do I care if she's alive
Or if she dies for my victory?
As long as I'm a TV-star
My conscience wouldn't go so far
She's leaving, she's leaving life.
Some say we fight against ourselves
Their weapons made by our hands
If it's sure I've lost already
Now I hear my wife, she's calling
Don't leave me, don't leave me now

It's too late.
Too late to turn around, your last goodbye

"I want to know where you are
Please let me know where you are!"

Too late to turn around...

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