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Another thorn deeply inlaid in your heart
And through your eyes, the world is a corrupt place
You’ve seen the world and now, you wonder if you belong
To this evil masquerade burning your wings while you fly

Through my eyes, nothing will ever be the same
It’s a shame, you’re all to blame
No matter how hard I try, innocence dies

Citizens - Open your eyes
Universe - Won’t stay alive
Don’t you see - Everything dies
All my dreams - Away they fly
Citizens - There Is no space
Universe - Why so much hate
Don’t you see - The bad you’ve done
All my dreams - Are now gone

Nothing can stop us from running to our loss

The exasperation that I feel for you all will never fade
One day you will stumble and fall

In the end, no matter how you behave
Who you save, you’ll stay a slave
Cruelty flows in your veins, you won’t break your chains

And never will I see again the sunrise

Text přidal DevilDan

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