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Trenchman, Yeah Yeah Yeah
We do this for them niggas man
Them motherfuckin murders man
All them killers and shit
Spread it out through the city of New York, You know
Take yall back a little something

I'm from where the ratchets blow, The bastards never go
They come through the hood and try to hustle with nines
We slam dance U.F.O.'s, Take em out they clothes
Good money, You know how we oracles with crime
My motto is the cake all promised, Little fat niggas with llamas
Big four-five in pajamas, Playin loafs
Counting off current and thoughts
How we eat, Millionaires up and sleep on the floors
I'm from where other guys will smother guys won't take no shorts
They rob brother knives, Four-fives, They ways is bosses
Who the Dons, Get money features is nonsense
I'd rather leave my money in continents
Castro arm, My beard hang hungry and strong
I'm pro black, Catch me on a plane in front
We want throw backs and blazers and Gucci kicks
Suede fronts, Razors, And Bruce Lee flicks
Lickin shots, Big knots, Police men watch
See me in the street they want they pizza box
Speakin codes, The beast made me sleep with the toads
Beats make mw psycho, My teeths is frozen
But not now I'm regulate'n politics
Travel agent nigga get Haroldo licked
I'm just stupid, Game is herbal with quick
The strawberry joint with a glass of Henn
My Memorex mind frame is off the meat
When niggas shot the plaza up and lost a sneaker
I'm verbal high to burglarize, The words is ill
Smoke reefer in the jail where the murderers kill

[Hook 2X:]
Live, Lie, Can't, Survive
You get hit, Blind
Get your shit, Robbed

Text přidal CrusaderPaja

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