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Soldier Story - text

[Intro: Raekwon]
Yeah, straighten up, niggas let's go, man
For real, man, we goin' in there, man
I'm just gonna say it like this
Everything we do, is for real
Dedication, man

[Verse 1: Raekwon]
From out the rising sun up north, I'm asking Allah
Writing poetry, click clack, my brain'll go all
Lay this new down, I copped them out in Spain
That's some new town, all W's up, come from under Wu
Suckers switch rhymes, patterns on point, flexing slick lines
Catch me in the crease of the beast, Lexus big tires
Always been a leader homeboy, niggas'll blow the beef up
Drink beef eat 'em I meant the German, she be, but try
Thousands of talents, good with nine hundred of them
Niggas don't eat, the wolves taking something then
If you call collect, you better say what's up with them
If you borrow the Tech, you better have a muzzle on them
If he out in despair, you better have a puzzle for them
If we buyin' some gear, you know to bring the duffel for 'em
No we don't just hustle, all we do is tussle for it
Get shot in ya mouth that's just for cussin' to 'em

[Hook: JD Era]
We don't talk cause talk's cheap
The wolves preyin' on the weak, lose paper or lose sleep, nigga
My shit bangin' like a steel drum
Hey this a dedication of the real ones
From N.Y. to Long Beach
To these T-Dot streets
Lose paper or lose sleep, nigga
My shit bangin' like a steel drum
Hey this a dedication of the real ones

[Verse 2: JD Era]
I'm writing to give you more of me, there's more to see
More than petty wars and monotonous beef
I'm more than meets the eye, I'm the eye of the beast
So keep eyein' me too long and get your eyelids beat
The militia, Ice Water dynasty
Your rhymes is weak, and you don't want the line to speak
Your wine'll freeze, Get drunk and climb in sheets
About a dollar, I could go through ten dimes in a week
I got sick of chasing stars with spacious cars
Like [?], tape of ours, no tape no bars
Hoping they, take it abroad in a place so hard
That I could replace my broad and replace my job
I pray that god grant me whatever I deserve
Cause I don't want to grow to be legend of the curve
But believe in it and the will come
Eh, this a dedication to the real ones

[Hook: JD Era]

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