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On The Fly Note - text

Maxing on a fly note, real nigga's appear
We honor those gangstas who ain't here
Legends was born, Apollo classics, young niggas with ones
The hype ratchets, New Balance and Bill Blassie
Roof top nights, the booth, coked down
Air Force on since twenty two
Live niggas try to rhyme, but died
Off the strength of the name, on wack cocaine, niggas is high
Let the beat journey, we could all see clearly
Tweak through the earlobe, with peak of this shit, we seen years go
High times rhyming, so divine, lines that taste like spring water
shorty dope like a nine
Poison shot the lungs of young
Went through the barrel of sparrow, one who ain't hawk through the slum
Bums had no where, train style, one chain out
Mission was dust, a foam blew my brains out

Who would've thought it was me?
Who would've thought it was you?
Just vibe, just watch you ride it, ride it

Text přidal CrusaderPaja

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