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[Intro: Raekwon]
Yo you gotta love that
(For lovin you my life, For lovin you my wife)
That was a shot
(Want you to) Uh huh (Make you pay)
Let's go, Come on
(For lovin you my life) Uh huh
(Is the pain for heaven) Let's go
(Want you to) Uh huh (Make you pay)
That's right (For leavin you my life)
Let's go (Is the pain for heaven)

Sorry hood niggas go against good niggas, Regulate the gate
Tap many states, Still hit hood bitches
Money green leathers, Gloves on, Drugs on niggas
Dressed in gates, All of us love niggas
Chickens love rims, Brims on wool coats and tims
Nails done up the color of their beige skin
Let me 2-way the rap game, Who love the rap game
Fuck them niggas who ain't, And I'll smash that nigga
Dumped in the biggest river, Savage, You can't fuck with lavish
And I'm here now, I'm a say it again yo
Who want the chair now, Just not them days you was in
Yo poly with the realest niggas, Illest villians with capes
Pull up in big benzes, Handlin business
Lex forgot my lenses, Strong when I'm in this
Shorty like Daddy is vintage, Come on

[Chorus: Raekwon]
Want to, Make you pay
For lovin you my life, Is the pain for heaven
Want to, Make you pay
For leavin you my life, Is the pain for heaven

Now I'm a rope this, Elope to this
Yeah, Nothin could steal the flow, The kid possess guaranteed dope shit
Clean Prada jeans on, Relentless, Tint this, Bitch big on this
Screw I'll wrist, His style is Park Hill-ness, Built miss
Show em how I feel, Let em fill all the mail out, I'll shit
Still with come on, All real niggas in the fit
Big breasts, Stay gettin head, Deal with it
Most of us just got skill with it
Come on toast Me, You, RZA, Ghost, Meth, Real vivid
Still beefin, Still gettin it
We just predicted it, We just I'll wizards, Live with it
We caviar, Popin shrimp with it
Whatever pimp did it, I'll be in the back on a temp get it
Throw the vest on, I still get em
We'll get rid of em, We leave their head in the livin room

[Chorus x2]

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