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Hold You Down - text

[Intro: Raekwon]
Yo, yeah so you know, word
Them niggas got the shoes up in there son
Na na, hold on, who that over there?

[Hook: Faith Evans]
Baby I can bring the heat when it's cold outside
The one you need, baby ride or die
Anything that you can imagine
I can make it happen, only one to hold you down
A good man deserves a good woman
A good woman that'll treat you right

[Verse 1: Raekwon]
Ay yo, come here young lady with the skin of a baby
Who dress like a Wall Street woman, you?
I know your family, they my people for life
Had a beef behind the wall, one of your cousins, he threw me a knife
But that's yesteryears, life is intact
Been battin', quit rappin'
But I'm just reactin', your body packin'
I know not to ask a woman's age, but it's crazy these days
No time for slipups, the industry is crazy
Bloodhounds chasin' these girls
Girls chasin' these birds, they say whips we see curves
But I need one with knowledge and self
And whole word, say word
Yo, hop inside the Aston and put your feet on the fur
Let's talk put the perkon in the back by the door
Don't put it on the floors it's bad luck so don't fold
You got a strong aura I'm diggin it's not reniggin
I want a boo who gon give me the business


[Verse 2: Raekwon]
Take the keys to the lab
Put your gear in the master
Don't worry about paper that's after
Life's chapter we good
Keep it to yourself no need for gas ups
Keep in tune, let me buy you a clinic
Save your black cousins
No I'm not racial I'm pro black
It's all in the facials
I put so many on me pesos
Free trips and the niggas Kaycos
My building lego designed with some real estate with paved fake holes
No I'm not nice boo, I'm humble and spicey
I be down to shoot the fire for my wifey, draws and Nikes
Capricorns trapped and mad Pisces
Throwin on these icees
Watch your bitches fall out yep flight season
I'm a take you every where you wanna go
Where you wanna be?
Let's don out and hold hands and roll
Fly to bubble and give me some sugar
Let's jump in the chair booka and make it to the crib
Give me the hook up


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